Big Ed’s Preferred Customer Club

Buying a home is often the most expensive purchase that most people will make in their lifetime; however, we find that most people don’t do routine maintenance to keep their home running in tip-top shape. When something breaks, it often becomes a major expense; one that most people aren’t prepared for.

Because we’ve been in business for over 34 years, Cummings Plumbing Heating and Cooling has learned and adapted our services to what our customers need. We created maintenance programs to help our customers keep their systems running smoothly to help avoid expensive repairs later on down the road.

The most common response we get when we tell people about our programs is, “I just got a new air conditioner,” or “I just got a new water heater.” That’s great. But without proper and routine maintenance, the equipment will start to suffer from normal wear and tear.

Imagine buying a new car and not doing routine oil changes, air filter changes, etc. Eventually, the car will start to fall apart. When the systems start to fail, it ends up being a costly expense to get things fixed. This is a similar situation. By being a member of our HVAC and/or Plumbing Club, you get the maintenance that you need to ensure that your system is running the way it needs to for years to come. We’ll also be able to make recommendations for upcoming problems before they happen; allowing you to save and plan accordingly.

Big Ed’s Preferred Customer Club

HVAC Annual Home Inspection

(cost is $19.99/mo for the first unit and $9.99/mo for each additional unit – billed monthly)

10-Point Air Conditioning Check-up
(April – June)

  1. Check System Pressures on all A/C units
  2. Check Outdoor Motor Amp draw f/Power Consistency
  3. Check Compressor Amp draw f/Power Stability
  4. Check Temperature Differential f/Cooling Efficiency
  5. Check Capacitors f/Cooling Volume
  6. Check Air Filter f/Clearance and Maximum Air Flow
  7. Check Electrical Connections f/Safety and Performance
  8. Inspect Outdoor Coils f/”Wear and Tear”
  9. Inspect Indoor Coils f/”Wear and Tear”
  10. Check Indoor Motor Amp Draw / Unit’s Control Performance

12-Point Heating Unit Check-up
(September – November)

  1. Inspect Furnace Burners f/Heat Flow
  2. Inspect Heat Exchanger f/Consistency
  3. Inspect Thermocouple f/Temperature Reliability
  4. Adjust Pilot Flame
  5. Test Igniter f/Startup Reliability
  6. Check Inductor Motor Amps
  7. Check Blower Motor Amps
  8. Check Gas Pressure Controls
  9. Test for Carbon Monoxide Levels
  10. Test for Temperature Splits and Variances
  11. Shut Down Cooler (Damper)
  12. Clean Furnace Area f/Safety

Club Discounts
10% off of the purchase of a New Heating Unit | 10% off of parts and labor | Priority Scheduling

Download our HVAC Club Brochure Here

Contact Mary at 520-333-2121 to sign up.

Big Ed’s Preferred Customer Club

Plumbing Annual Home Inspection

(cost is $9.99/mo – billed monthly)

Annual Home Inspection Includes:

  1. A water quality analysis of hardness and chlorine levels
  2. An annual manufacturer recommended maintenance on your water heater and feed lines.
  3. Identification of leaks that could cost hundreds of dollars annually in waste water, utilizing a dye test of your toilets.
  4. Flow test of your entire drainage system to ensure there are no drain stoppages or blocks in the line.
  5. Inspection of all visible piping for leaks and corrosion damage to identify potential future problems.
  6. Camera inspection of the main sewer line, if necessary.
  7. A check of your washing machine hoses for material flexibility, integrity, and any potential ruptures.
  8. Visual inspection of all emergency shut-off valves to ensure there is no visible corrosion or calcification.
  9. Last but not least, our techs will install new batteries in your home’s smoke detectors.

Technicians Also Check For:

  1. Proper operation of your garbage disposal.
  2. Proper operation of sinks throughout your whole house.
  3. Proper operation of all faucets and drains, including faucet aerators for corrosion.

Club Discounts
Waived Service Evaluation Fee on Future Callouts | 10% off of a New Water Heater Installation | 10% off of any Plumbing Repair | 10% off of any Water Filtration

Download our Plumbing Club Brochure Here

Contact Sue at 520-333-2121 to sign up.