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Why Call a Licensed Electrician?

It’s a matter of safety.

It’s not uncommon for us to see someone installing a light fixture or outlet without turning off the power. It’s also not uncommon for us to see people using the wrong tools to do electrical work around the house (i.e. using a butter knife as a screw driver). In fact, a lot of people tend to do their own electrical work around the house instead of hiring a professional. There have been countless times when we’ve seen electrical wires patched with electrical tape instead of replaced. But did you know that these are all electrical hazards? Electricity is one of the most common causes of fires and thermal burns in homes and workplaces. It’s true. About 1,000 people in the United States die every year by electric shock.

Depending on the type of electrical current and voltage, you could sustain some major injuries if you are the recipient of electric shock or electrocution. The most common are falls, burns, electric shock, and electrocution. These, of course, could have some very permanent or long-term effects including physical disfigurement, psychological effects, and even death. Before you start doing any electrical work around your house, you should ask yourself, “Is the risk worth it?” In case you’re wondering, the answer is, “No.” What may seem like a small electrical problem can have some very major potential dangers. It’s best to leave it to a professional who has the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise to get the job done safety and correctly.

Here’s are some common problems that you should call a licensed electrician for:

Dead outlets can be common occurrences in older homes. Most people just ignore them or hide them with furniture. The problem is that the reason why the outlet no longer works commonly has to do with the circuits and wiring behind the wall; which is an electrical hazard and a potential code violation. If you notice that you have dead outlets in your home, it’s best to have a licensed electrician take a look and replace them. Besides, wouldn’t you like to have outlets in your home that actually works? The next time you find an outlet that doesn’t work, remember that it’s more than a matter of inconvenience; it’s a safety issue that should be addressed. 

Two-prong outlets need to be updated to three-prong outlets. The third prong in the outlet is the “ground” wire that helps to protect you from possible wire surges of electricity. These are now the norm and are commonly found in most modern homes. However, some older homes still have the old two-prong ungrounded outlets. These should be replaced because they can damage your electronics, cause electrical shock, or cause an electrical fire. Most modern appliances also come with a ground prong anyway so if you have two-prong outlets, they would be unusable with your appliances. Changing a two-prong outlet to a three-prong outlet does require rewiring so a license electrician is the best person to do the job.

Frequently blown fuses or circuit breaker trips could mean that your appliances are too powerful for your home’s electrical system, you have too many appliances drawing electricity, or there’s faulty wiring somewhere. If you notice that your fuses are constantly needing replacement or that you’re constantly going to the circuit breaker to reset it, it could be time to update your home’s wiring system. This is especially important if you have an older home. Your home’s electrical system could be out of date. Constantly overloading your home’s electrical system is a huge hazard and could spark an electrical fire. A licensed electrician can come take a look and let you know with a few tests what’s going on and what’s needed to fix the problem.

New fixtures are always exciting to put up because they can do a lot to freshen up a space. Sometimes, fixtures are replacing old ones; at others, they are new additions to a room. In either case, you’ll want to call a licensed electrician to install them, even if you think you can do it yourself. There are a lot of unknowns that you may be unaware of: the condition of the existing wires, the electricity requirements of the new fixture and whether or not your house and supply enough power, whether or not the lightbulbs you purchased will work with the fixture, etc. Something as simple as using the wrong light bulb could pose as a fire hazard. We always recommend working with a licensed electrician prior to purchasing your fixtures so that they can let you know if what you’re looking to buy will work. This will save you trips to the store for returns and exchanges. 

Frayed wires should be replaced. PERIOD. Electrical tape should only be used as a temporary solution until a licensed electrician can come assess and replace the wiring. It should never be a permanent solution. Frayed wires can expose electrical currents and can cause fires. If they touch water, they can also turn into deadly situations. Again, it’s best to have frayed wires fixed by a licensed electrician as soon as possible. In most cases, if you notice one frayed wire, there are more in other locations that you can’t see. A simple inspection can ensure that your home is safe and that there are no electrical hazards. 

With so much as stake, electrical safety is taken very seriously. Licensed professionals undergo a lot of training to ensure that they know how to do the job correctly and that they keep you safe. This isn’t the same thing as replacing drywall, tiles, or painting where you can make mistakes and redo the work. If there is a mistake made with electrical work, it has some very dangerous and serious outcomes. It’s worth it to you to hire a professional instead of attempting it yourself. Just remember, there’s only one of you…and you can’t be replaced.

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