Leaks Happen. But They Don’t Have To!

You’re finally back from the long vacation over the summer, having escaped the scorching heat of the south for a more forgiving summer up north. You’re exhausted from traveling and more than ready for a nap in your own bed. You worked hard to get everything in the house cleaned, put away, and fixed before your departure – so the last thing you want to open the door to is the results of an unknown leak that has turned disastrous in your absence. Unfortunately, no matter how much we prepare our homes before we leave things can always go wrong. Water leaks are one of the many nightmares that a home owner can face – and unfortunately they can strike at the worst of times. The problem with water leaks is that they aren’t always obvious, and they can happen even in areas that you can’t see. For this reason, being on the lookout for leaks isn’t always easy. Leaky faucets are a no-brainer, but what happens when the leak is occurring in pipes behind the walls? Or what about that slow drip under the sink in the little-used guest bathroom that ends up going unnoticed? Unknown leaks can cost up to thousands of dollars in repair, because not only will you have to pay to fix the leak, you may have to pay to fix any damage caused by water. Depending on the severity of a leak, you can face damage to the walls, floors, and ceiling of your home. Consequences of this damage can include a higher water bill due to continuous water use, mold and mildew growth, fire hazards (if electrical wiring was affected by the water), and compromised integrity of your home’s structure. The list can go on and on, but ultimately it is dependent on the type of leak that occurs. In any case, being proactive about leaks by practicing good water habits is in our best interest and will help to keep our wallets happy.

Smart water habits not only include being conscious about how much water you are using, but also involves ones that will protect your pipes from breaking – and the best way to do this? Keeping an eye on your water pressure. As nice as high water pressure sounds for a shower, the wear and tear this can cause on your pipes is not as nice. Generally, water pressure should be between 40 and 60 psi, and can be measured by either calling your water company for a reading, or by using a gauge attached to an outside hose bibb. Any pressure higher than this range puts you at risk for damage to your pipes. Sometimes though, no matter how much you prepare or take care of your home, things still go awry. In the event of a leak happening despite proper care on your end, being familiar with your family’s average monthly water usage is one of your best defenses to unseen leaks. By knowing what is normal for your family to use, any unusual spikes in water consumption due to a leak will be more noticeable. This method doesn’t come without its drawbacks, however. For one thing, you would only find out about the water leak after a few weeks of it occurring. At that point, damage has likely already been inflicted on your home. Sometimes, the leak might even be so slight that you would barely notice a spike in your water bill at all. While these types of leaks might not cost you money right away on your water bill, they can still cause damage like mold and mildew that will end up costing you in the long run. Finally, you might not even have a consistent enough water bill each month to give you a good enough idea of what is normal and what is not. So where do you go from there?

Fortunately, keeping track of your water use and the state of your pipes has been made a little easier with the help of the Flo system. Simply put, Flo is an automated smart device that is designed to control and monitor the water in your home. Flo is installed right to the main line of your water system and is thus able to keep track of things like water usage, flow, pressure, and temperature, which are all important factors when considering the longevity of pipes. The best part is that Flo allows you complete control over your water system right from an app on your phone! Every day, Flo performs a water system inspection and sends you the report, keeping you in the loop on the state of your plumbing. Flo is able to detect even the smallest of leaks from anywhere in your home and will give you an update right away if it detects anything unusual. In the event of a leak, you are able to turn off the water to your home from the app, keeping water damage costs to a minimum. In the past, we kept track of how much water we used after the water bill came out, and we only knew if there was a leak until the damage was already done. Flo eliminates the guesswork and gives you all the information you could need about your plumbing each day so you don’t have to let a problem go unfixed.

Let’s step aside from the day-to-day assistance that Flo can provide and re-consider the all-too familiar situation of leaving your home for several months over the summer, only to find upon your return there has been a leak while you were away. Having been away for so long, you were unable to address it when the damages were only slight, but now you could be facing costs in pipe repair as well as drywall repair (at a minimum!).

Now, how could Flo have assisted you in this situation? Flo would have first informed you of the leak by sending a notification to your phone. From there, you would have been able to shut off the water completely right from the app, easy! Of course, one could argue that this isn’t too convenient when they aren’t near their phones, especially on vacation. In the event of major pipe failure, this poses a serious issue! Even in a situation like this however, Flo would still have you covered. Instances such as a burst pipe often involve fast-paced water damage, and for this reason Flo eliminates the question of timeliness on your end and shuts the water off for you. In this scenario, you face repairing as little damage as possible, and your wallet is thankful for it!

With so many things to keep track of in making sure your home is taken care of, why wouldn’t you want a little less to worry about? Flo is one product that has simplified plumbing so that doing things like keeping track of your water usage, monitoring your water pressure, and staying on top of leaks is easy as can be. With Flo, you will know right away when there is a problem and be able to address it as quickly as possible. While there are old fashion ways of doing this, such as getting readings from the water company or manually tracking your water bills, Flo relieves your schedule of these tasks by keeping track of that for you. With Flo, staying on top of your plumbing has never been so simple!