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About Big Ed

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Cummings Plumbing's Big Ed the Mascot

Hi. I’m Big Ed. I’m a Muffler Man.

So you may be wondering, “What exactly is a muffler man?” My kinfolk and I are usually described as titans; made of fiber glass. We each stand about 14′ to 25′ tall. We were originally designed and created to decorate roadside landscape; giving those driving by something to look at as they passed.

Just like you and those you know, my kinfolk and I are unique and different; each in our own way and with a unique dress attire. Our attires typically include lumberjacks, cowboys, Indians, and there are even a few “aliens” in the family. Although we were outfitted for different careers, the earliest of my kinfolk and I were given the exact same job: holding big car mufflers.

That is how we became known as “Muffler Men.”

Where in the World is the Muffler Man?
Muffler Man Map

Repaired and Bright as New

When I relocated to Tucson, Kevin gave me the name “Big Ed”. I don’t know how he came up with the name but I like being called Big Ed. Can’t say I remember if I had a name prior to coming here…I just remember being called the Stamper Miner Muffler Man.

I had suffered normal wear and tear so Kevin and his team invested some money into me and got me fixed up; good as new. I now proudly sport my University of Arizona Wildcats cowboy hat and am wearing Cummings Plumbing Heating and Cooling (and the U of A) red and blue.

Don’t let my size in the photos fool you. My shoes measure almost over 3′ long. You know what they say about men with big feet? Yep, that’s right: big shoes!

Most days, I can be found carrying a pick axe. Never thought that I’d ever need it since I no longer work at with the gold mine, but man, Tucson and it’s caliche can be a big pain in the bottom when the guys and I are trying to dig plumbing lines. I’m glad that I kept this bad boy with me when I moved to Tucson.

Big Ed from Cummings Plumbing

Dressed for the Holidays!

During Christmas, I sport Santa gear; complete with presents.

For Halloween, starting this year, I will be Frankenstein.

My new buddy Kevin has decided that I should dress up for the holidays so I’m excited to see what I will be dressed up starting next year. I have to admit that I am really loving my new home.

I stand proudly on an excellent cement base that was built for photos. I invite you and your kinfolk to come on down and take pictures with me. All are welcome. The more the merrier.

I can be seen standing proudly from I-10 on the west side. Heading west on I-10, exit on Ruthrauff. Take the frontage road alongside the highway to Sunset, make 2 lefts, and come round the other side of the highway. If you’re heading east on I-10, exit on Sunset and continue on the frontage road. I’ll be standing here, waiting, on the right.