Making sure you have hot water is crucial. Your water heater needs regular routine maintenance, checkups and sometimes may require a replacement. Cummings Plumbing Heating & Cooling is your Tucson water heater repair and replacement specialists.


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What Happened to the Hot Water!

We have specialized in water heater repair for over 6 generations. Cummings Plumbing Heating & Cooling is your Tucson water heater repair and replacement team. We work on most major makes and models, including Bradford White, Navion, Renai, tankless products and many more!

How do you know if you need to replace the whole unit?

Sometimes there are cases where a water heater replacement is necessary.

Old age, rust, leakage bad looking pipes or super loose connections are signs that its time to look for a new unit

An average unit will last around 7-10 year so plan on looking to a better more efficient one during those times.

How can you extend the life of your unit?

Regular maintenance and making sure your temperature is at optimal levels is crucial. Running the water too hot may cause an issue later on down the road. Also calling us to flush the sediment in the tank helps to avoid leaks and eventual corrosion in the tank.

Making sure you are monitoring your water heater can help cut down on expensive costs down the road. At Cummings Plumbing Heating & Cooling were here to help you with routine maintenance and overall efficiency. Sometimes it may just be time for a better more efficient unit. Check out our water heater replacement page by clicking HERE for more info.

  • Sounds – if your water heater is making noise, it’s usually bad news. That means there’s sediment build-up in bottom of the tank that is being shaken around. As the sediment moves around, it hits the water heater elements, sides of the tanks, and tubing. This causes natural wear and eventually results in failure

  • Muddy Water – If the water comes out of your pipes looking muddy, sandy, or rusty, usually means that the sediment has caused problems in pipes and in the water heater and has now contaminated your water. Your water heater should be inspected and the likelihood of it needing to be replaced will be pretty high.

  • Leaks – Water heater leaks are not normal. They can actually be dangerous because it’s leaking hot water. Sediment, rust, or some sort of malfunction has caused the wall of the water heater or a pipe to be compromised. Because water heaters are under pressure, this creates a very unsafe condition.

  • Water that has a Smell or Taste – If the water has a smell or taste, that can mean that a heating element in the water heater is malfunctioning, there is metal in the water, or there is another issue that is causing the smell or taste. Weird smells and tastes should be checked out as soon as possible because it could be hazardous to your health.

  • Water that is not the Correct Temperature – If your hot water is only coming out warm, even after a long absence of being used, that means that the heating elements are no longer working properly. This means that the heating elements are malfunctioning and need to be replaced or the entire water heater itself needs to be replaced. There could be other issues causing a lack of power supply to the heating element. You should get this checked to ensure that there isn’t a larger problem.

  • Frequent Repairs – Sometimes, getting a water heater repaired is a good solution instead of getting an actual replacement. However, after so many repairs, it may be time to just replace the entire water heater altogether. Remember that water heaters work under pressure. You have gallons of hot water in your home under pressure and if you have a faulty water heater, it may be in your best interest to just get a brand new one.


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Cummings Plumbing Heating & Cooling services include plumbing, electrical, water heater replacement, septic, repipe, HVAC and more!


At Cummings Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we understand that your plumbing system is more than just a maze of pipes.

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Water Heater Replacement

Having a working hot water heating in Arizona is crucial to day to day life. Imagine coming home one day to no hot water. How would you feel?


It’s not uncommon for us to see someone installing a light fixture or outlet without turning off the power. Do you feel safe doing it yourself?


Proper septic tank maintenance is important to ensure that everything works properly. We are a fully licensed septic tank cleaner.


In Tucson, a running HVAC system is a necessity; especially in the smoldering summers. It’s important to have a working HVAC system.


Perma-Liner’s system is able to restore buried pipelines to better than new conditions in less time than a traditional repipe.

Air Conditioner Repair

You live in the desert. It’s hot. VERY HOT. It’s important to make sure that your air conditioner is in tip-top shape. Does your air conditioner need repair services?


Cummings Plumbing Heating and Cooling has a presence in two of the top three largest cities in Arizona: Tucson and Phoenixf. Between the two cities we have multiple locations and service most of Arizona. We go as far north as Prescott, as far south as Rio Rico, as far east as Benson, and as far west as Goodyear. We cover most of the Phoenix metroplex, Tucson, and extended markets. We are committed to providing the best service possible. If you need a water heater replacement in Tucson. Call Cummings Plumbing Heating & Cooling!


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