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5 Electrical Safety Tips For A Homeowner

5 electrical safety tips for a homeowner

Electricity is essential to your home! Between air conditioning, appliances, lighting fixtures and devices, electricity is used every day and you don’t want to take its power or it’s potential for hazard lightly. It’s important to be aware of electrical safety precautions and procedures to keep your home safe and functioning properly. Electricity is supposed to make your life easier, not more stressful! 

In order to keep your family and your property safe, every homeowner should have a basic understanding of electrical safety for their home’s electrical system and devices.  We’ve composed a list of 5 tips every homeowner should know about electrical safety to prevent electrical accidents, or in some cases, even emergencies.

Basic Electrical Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Every homeowner wants to keep their home a safe environment for their family so it’s important to be cautious and do what you can to prevent problems from occurring. Electrical safety is nothing to take lightly! Depending on the voltage and current, you could sustain minor or major injuries, or even put your home at risk of an electrical fire if electricity is improperly used or managed.

In order to keep all your Electrical Devices functioning as they should be and prevent the risk of injury, accident or fire, here are some basic electrical safety tips every homeowner should know!

  • Don’t overload outlets
  • Avoid using extension cords for long periods of time
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Always use proper wattage for lighting fixtures 
  • Childproof all electrical outlets
  • Keep all electrical devices away from water
  • Cut off power at the circuit breaker box before electrical work
  • Keep fire extinguishers accessible in the event of an emergency
  • Get rid of and repair and damaged electrical tools such as extension cords
  • Know when to call a professional

Routine Electrical Maintenance and Inspections

It’s essential to get your home’s electrical system routinely checked to make sure everything is running safely! Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of inspecting, testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacing elements of an electrical system. You’ll want a licensed professional with a complete knowledge of electrical code and regulations to help with the electrical maintenance of your residential property.

Getting your electrical systems routinely inspected can ensure your home is receiving the care it needs for corrective maintenance, preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance to stop accidents or emergencies from occuring.

Don’t put off electrical problems

When you experience electrical problems, it’s more than just an inconvenience, t’s a hazard and potential safety risk. No electrical problem should ever be overlooked, even if you think it’s minor. 

The underlying cause of an electrical problem or why something is not working needs to be addressed since it can be a potential fire hazard or code violation. Best case scenario, it is just an inconvenience but wouldn’t it be nice to have your home or business functional and in working order?

If your lights are flickering, your circuits are frequently tripping, or you have a dead outlet, it’s time to call a trained electrician. These warnings signal a larger electrical problem that needs to be addressed at the source quickly rather than waiting it out or leaning on a temporary solution. 

Safely Working On Your Electrical System

Electricity is not a DIY task and working with a licensed electrician is always the best option for the safety of you, your family, and your property. Performing trial-and-error on your electrical systems is not only dangerous, it can also impact the quality and lifetime of the equipment, in addition to not being able to pass codes and inspections.

What may seem like a small or simple electrical problem can have some potential dangers and risks if it isn’t repaired. An electrician will have the tools to handle any circumstance that may arise during the inspection, repair or replacement of your electrical devices and systems. 

Electricians provide a wide range of maintenance, repairs, replacements and installations for residential and commercial properties. Anywhere from fixing a blown fuse, upgrading a panel or outlet, installing new lighting fixture or fixing exposed and frayed wires, a professional electrician has the experience and tools to get the job done safely.

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