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Everything You Need to Know about Hydro Jetting

Everything You Need To Know About Hydro Jetting

Many homeowners know house ownership is a never-ending saga of exciting interior and exterior changes, upgrades, and fix-ups. House owners try to make their place feel like a home by adding a personal touch in every little nook and cranny or constantly updating items.

Regarding updates, there are some aspects of the house we don’t notice daily, so we omit the task of regularly upgrading them. These include the heating and cooling systems, sewage lines, and plumbing, all requiring regular inspection and professional help. Homeowners are often hesitant about calling a professional service because they are unsure what services they need or want to reduce the costs and take the DIY route.

In this article, we introduce you to hydro jetting – a professional technique that keeps your sewage lines spotless and ready to use. We will discuss the benefits of hydro jetting, when it’s time to call for professional help, and hydro jet drain cleaning cost.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting drain cleaning is a technique that plumbers use to clean out slow-moving or clogged sewage lines. It uses water under high pressure to remove heavy build-up collected in sewage pipes and break up clogs. The sewage lines can be blocked by specific minerals and disposed of materials, such as food residues and wipes.

Hydro jetting is a highly effective plumbing technique that removes dirt to keep your pipeline working properly. Neglected pipes can lead to clogged drains, plumbing or sewer system blockages, and potentially a contaminated water supply.

Often, when homeowners notice a clogged drain or suspect a blocked pipe, they first reach out for unclogging chemicals, drain liquids, or DIY baking soda solutions that help unclog a drain. Although this might prove effective, it’s not a long-term solution, as it requires constant repetition and a visit from the plumber eventually.

Besides being of sanitary help, hydro jet drain cleaning can help extend the life of house pipelines, preventing expensive pipe changes and professional fix-ups. Aside from breaking the clogs, this method completely removes the clog particles all the way to the main sewage line. This is extremely important because you can be sure that no particles are left to cause further damage like creating cracks in your pipes.

It is advised to hire a team of professional plumbers to perform a hydro jet drain cleaning once a year to keep the pipes and sewage line in top form. Although very helpful, you should be aware that hydro jetting might not work on all types of pipes because of the high water pressure. Checking for cracks or damaged pipes before scheduling professional hydro jetting is recommended. 

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning: The Process Explained

Once you have contacted a plumbing service and scheduled a hydro jet drain cleaning, professional plumbers will come to your house to begin the procedure. The process requires monitoring the pipeline system before taking action. 

The plumbers will inspect the pipes, determine whether they can handle the pressure of hydro jetting, locate any major blockages and assess where it’s best to insert a high-pressure hose. If the pipes are not fit for hydro jetting drain cleaning, they will use a less intensive method called snaking the pipes or provide advice for updating and replacing them.

If the pipes are fit for hydro jetting, plumbers will insert hoses in the access points and activate a hydro jetting machine. Usually, the pressure is adjusted to fit your plumbing system the best. All removed debris and clogs move down and are safely flushed in the sewers.

Benefits Of Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Aside from keeping the pipes clean, hydro jetting can also help prevent costly pipe and faucet repairs and replacements. Being a cutting-edge method in the plumbing industry, it offers many benefits regarding the upkeep of your house and maintaining it in perfect shape. Following is a list of additional benefits of hydro jetting drain cleaning and hydro jetting sewer line.

  • Versatile Method: This technique is used for a variety of problems when it comes to fixing residential plumbing issues. Since this method is safe to use on all types of pipes, it can effectively fix plumbing issues, remove clogs, and dissolve build-ups.
  • Eco-friendly technique: Hydro jetting is very easy on the environment as it uses only water. Without any harsh chemicals or enzymes, it minimizes the risk of hazardous chemicals leaking into groundwater or the soil.
  • Safety: As a non-invasive method it safely operates around all infrastructure already installed. Since it doesn’t incorporate any chemicals in the process, it’s safe for plumbing professionals, residents, and neighbors.
  • Thorough & Effective: Thanks to the high water pressure, the hydro jetting drain cleaning can remove any type of blockage. Covering the entire surface of the pipe, hydro jetting leaves no residue behind.
  • Lasting Effect: Although hydro jetting is a significant investment compared to unclogging drain liquids and solutions, this method ensures lasting clean pipes. Keeping the pipes spotless makes it harder for grime and debris to build up, ultimately keeping your piping system working without issues.

What Can You Remove With Hydro Jetting

This procedure has a major significance in keeping your pipes and drains clean, and maintaining a properly working and effective sewer system. The main goal of hydro jetting is to remove debris and clogs from various materials from the pipes.

It can also help remove any enzyme residue created by water, cleaning products, or produce. Besides clogs formed from wipes and toilet paper, it can also remove hair clogs, usually found in the shower drain. In addition to the occasional food deposit, it effectively removes grease and fat residues.

On a deeper level, hydro jetting effectively removes silt found in pipes, sand from underground water, and, in some cases, even tree roots that have found their way into the plumbing system.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Cost

Hydro jet drain cleaning is a procedure that has to be done by a professional. A team of professional plumbers arrive at your house and assess the situation before planning the best way to clean your pipes and estimating a hydro jet drain cleaning cost. They can also assess drains and faucets, giving useful advice about replacing pipes, faucets, or other elements in the house.

When choosing the right plumbing service, check if your chosen company is reliable and experienced in hydro jetting drain cleaning. Ensuring the plumbing professionals are familiar with the process and have the right tools is essential to prevent pipe damage and costly pipe repairs.

The price for this process can drastically vary due to different factors. Depending on the complexity of the sewer system, the size, and the type of clogs, the price can range from $300 to $600. If there is a tough case of clogs and sewerage complexity, the cost can go up to $1000.

If you’re wondering if there is an effective hydro jet drain cleaning near me, don’t fret! Professionals like Cummings Plumbing offer a variety of plumbing services, including drain cleaning, leak detections, and burst pipe repairs and replacements.

Final Remarks on Hydro Jet Cleaning

It is important to remember that hydro jetting drain cleaning and hydro jetting sewer line is not a DIY household task. Professional help is available and can provide useful advice about your pipelines and a great cleaning experience. In case you’re unsure what type of services you need, Cummings Plumbing can provide in-depth information and advice on the right course of action.

Hydro jetting drain cleaning can help maintain clean and long-lasting pipes and sewage lines, cleaning them from various debris and residue that can potentially damage the pipes. It’s an effective procedure with lasting results that needs to be done once a year, ideally, or once every couple of years to keep your sewer system in perfect condition.

Depending on the clogs and complexity of the sewer system, this process might seem like a large investment, but it’s definitely worth it. Hydro jetting is a beneficial method that can help solve a number of plumbing issues and save you a lot of money in the long run.


How long does hydro jetting last?

Depending on the severity of the clogging, the hydro jetting process can last from a few minutes to several hours. However, once the pipes are clean, they will stay clog-free for several years if you are careful about what goes down the drain.

Is hydro jetting better than snaking?

Snaking is used on older pipes where hydro jetting poses a threat of damaging a pipe. Snaking works efficiently only on shallow clogs and will not solve the problem as efficiently as hydro jetting because residue might remain in the pipes.

How do you prepare for hydro jetting?

When expert help is called, they will examine the pipes, decide whether they can withstand hydro jetting, find any significant blockages, and decide where to place a high-pressure hose.

How often should you hydro jet your pipes?

According to professionals, hydro jetting once every few years is enough to keep the pipes working effectively and debris-free.


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